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Nauha is a non-governmental organisation and service provider founded in 1961. Headquartered in Tampere, Finland, the Nauha Association is a regional professional association created to serve human needs and interests globally.

The Nauha Association provide educational employment services, housing services, child wellware, youth work, drug rehabilitation, peer work, volunteer work and immigration services.

Internationally the Nauha Association has four ongoing projects in Estonia, Burundi, Romania and Homeless street soccer. Nauha is responsible for the planning, monitoring and administration of the projects. Besides the support that we receive from the partners we also gather money ourselves for the projects.

In Estonia we have been worked with child caring institution over 20 years. In Romania The Pup BabyBox- project supports excluded Romanian families by donating maternity packages for the newborn. In Burundi substance abuse prevention project started in 2015 with Samaria We also seek to host the Homeless World Cup in street soccer 2020 in Tampere, Finland.

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